Beautiful things

Sunday, January 31, 2010


  1. An appetite for something; a strong appreciation or liking: a relish for luxury.
    1. Hearty enjoyment; zest. See synonyms at zest.
    2. Something that lends pleasure or zest.
    1. A spicy or savory condiment or appetizer, such as chutney or olives.
    2. A condiment of chopped sweet pickle.
  2. The flavor of a food, especially when appetizing. See synonyms at taste.
  3. A trace or suggestion of a pleasurable quality.

v., -ished, -ish·ing, -ish·es.

  1. To take keen or zestful pleasure in.
  2. To enjoy the flavor of.
  3. To give spice or flavor to.
To have a pleasing or distinctive taste.